Join us SWFL Local Community Group Meeting

July 1st Meeting - Estero United Methodist Church September 9th Meeting - Thrive Community Church November 4th Meeting - Calvary Chapel Gulf Coast All Meetings start promptly at 7 pm and end at 8 pm To speak to someone directly please call Jeannie Gawronski at 239-784-0786 Sign up to receive more information about helping in SWFL

SWFL Community Partners

Foster Children in SWFL


2400 Children in SWFL presently live in foster care.  There are many ways to help provide a hope and future for these children - without becoming a foster parent. 

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Blessing in a BackPack


30,000 Children in SWFL qualify for free or reduced lunch, and many of them go home on Friday without the ability to eat again until Monday morning.

See how $100 per year can ensure local children are being fed on the weekend.

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Meeting Local Needs


We have an extremely generous community!  Your donations are made available to families in need  and to the general public at 


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SWFL Homeless


HOPE works with several community groups and individuals to meet the needs of the local homeless people. 


feeding and caring for the needs of our community

Contact Tonya VanScoy at 

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Community Partners


There are many families struggling and many needs to be met here in SWFL.  

There are also many individuals, groups, community organizations and churches who care deeply about the needs of those who are struggling in our community. 

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