2018 Report


As a community YOUR generosity and support allowed HOPE 4 Kids and HOPE Community Outreach meet these needs in our community. 

2 New Lives

In 2018 your support allowed 2 young men to participate in a 9 month discipleship/rehabilitation to overcome drug addition.   One young man was able to attend Calvary House and the other attended Faith Farm - both in Fort Lauderdale.  Both men are doing excellent and thankful to everyone for this opportunity. 

2 New Cars

Generously you gave HOPE a mini-van at the beginning of a year.  This van was given to a mom of 6 children so she could be reunited with her children who were in foster care.   The next car was given to a family who has exorbitant medical bills and could not afford to make a car payment.  

7 New Apartments

This summer we were excited to hear of 7 young women who had aged out of foster care AND were going to college.  Our community came together to furnish 7 apartments with pots and pans, curtain, towels, art work, furniture, bedding and all kinds of essentials for living on your own. 

12 Beds for Foster Children

A safe place to sleep is a huge need for children in foster care.  Your generosity helps us bless foster families with new clean beds and bedding for the children while they are in care. 

12 Family Needs to Stay Together

 Thru HOPE this year your generosity helped 12 working families get necessities that they needed but could not afford.  These items included Air Conditioning units, Car Seats, Dining Room furniture, pots and pans, towels and bedding.  You also gave them the opportunity to get new clothing for $1.00 a piece.  

2018 Report

18 School Uniforms

Your donations and purchases help us provide complete weekly school uniforms to foster children and families that we have assisted throughout the year.  

29 Families Clothed

 Your donations of great quality clothing helped us provide for 29 families this year in need.  New clothing and hygiene items were available from your generosity.   

87 Children Fed Weekly

It is believed more than 3,000 children in our local community only have meals available to them at school.  A partnership with Blessings in a Backpack allowed 87 children to be fed 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches each weekend.  

367 Christmas Gift for Foster Children

Our Community and several local churches: Calvary Chapel Gulf Coast, First Baptist Estero and Summit helped us provide the wishes for 367 children in foster care this Christmas 

Thank You

For being OUR Community that cares for OUR Community. 

Many Blessings for 2019!

Jeannie Gawronski, Mary Price, Denise Williams, 

Roxanne Bucknavage, 

Jaimie Layne, Becky Szalacinski, Connie Corbin, Lisa Rabe, 

Laurel Wiltbank, Emma Morrison and MacKenzie Barrett